Envirotech Fireplaces

Lab Tests & Regulations

Recent testing of the Envirotech produced the cleanest burning (lowest emissions) of any masonry heater yet tested in North America by an EPA certified laboratory.  This unit was constructed by Timely Construction and tested at Myren labs in Colville, Washington.

The Envirotech has been tested at least three times and has the required approvals of the states of Colorado and Washington for masonry heater clean emissions and the approval for the Oregon tax credit as a premium wood burner, see documentation:Envirotech qualifies for a tax credit in Oregon
Approval Letter for the State of Washington
Approval letter for the state of Colorado

Here’s an illustration of the airflow in the interior of an Envirotech.


These photos show the construction and testing of an Envirotech at Myren Labs in Colville, WA in September of 2007.

Envirotech Fireplaces