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The New Product That Sets Home Heating Back 400 Years


Man has had an ongoing romance with fire since nearly the beginning of time. Fire cooked his food, lit his way and warmed his family. In Europe, around 1550, wood was used as the major source of home heating. Many people were seeking a cleaner burning, more efficient wood burner. Then, as now, masonry heaters started coming to the forefront as being the most efficient, cleanest wood burning option. Masonry heaters take the concept of the mass of the normal fireplace, but route the heated gases and smoke through a series of flues (see the interior view). As the heat travels through the flues, the masonry mass stores the head and releases it slowly, giving subtle, radiant heat into your home. Radiant heat is similar to the sun warming solid objects that it comes in contact with , while convective heat warms only the air in the house. A fire built every 12 to 24 hours will keep most homes at a warm even temperature 24 hours a day. Today field tests under the scrutiny of the Environmental Protection Agency show that masonry heaters are among the cleanest wood burners available. The use of clean wood burning appliances is an essential part of an environmentally sound energy mix.

The ENVIROTECH RADIANT FIREPLACE is a masonry heater in modular kit form. After 12 years of research and training with several European master stove builders, the creators of the Envirotech (Dietmeyer, Ward, and Stroud) designed an easy to build kit-type masonry heater. Timely Construction now manufactures the Envirotech with decades of hands on experience and know how.

The internal components, or “flue system”, are made of a castable refractory (firebrick). These pieces are tongue and grooved and numbered for ease of installation. Construction time is greatly reduced by using pre-cast pieces, the cast iron and ceramic glass door, the cast iron clean out doors, and the stainless steel damper come palletized and ready to install. With this core unit, locally purchased face brick and a few firebricks, you or your mason have the ability to build beautiful clean burning fireplaces. They may be constructed with many popular finishes; brick, stone, stucco, or tile, allowing for a wide diversity of individual decor. Laboratory and field tests prove the clean burning attributes of masonry heaters. The technology behind the Envirotech Radiant Fireplace assures that each installation will be an ENVIROnmentally sound, TECHnologically advanced unit.

Envirotech Fireplaces