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Modular Core Custom Masonry Heaters

June 10, 2009 by · 3 Comments 

Welcome to the Envirotech Masonry heater web site. The Envirotech has the lowest particulate emissions of any masonry heater so far tested by an accredited lab in North America. For more options in masonry heaters, including different heater core kits and the industry’s first veneer kits, please visit our Envirotech masonry heater manufacturer, Empire Masonry Heaters.



3 Responses to “Modular Core Custom Masonry Heaters”
  1. I have a russian fireplace (it was built by Dietmeyer, Ward and Stroud, Inc on Vashon Island, Washington in 1985. I am having some trouble with it and I don’t know who to contact for information on these special fireplaces. Dietmeyer,,,, on Vashon do not service or offer any assistance on them.

    I think I need some insulation around the door replaced, it has never been replaced in all these years.
    I smell smoke after I have a fire, my eyes burn and the house smells smokey. Also there is a lot of black soot above the door on the outside of the brick, which leads me to think smoke is coming fThrom the door somehow.

    Could you tell me who could service this fireplace in my area? Thank you for any assistance.

    Denise Rippee

  2. Scott Leatham says:

    I have a Dietmeyer, Ward and Stroud Russian masonry heater in our home. The 1st floor (near the ceiling) flue flapper valve is stuck in the closed position. The 2nd story flapper valve is stuck in the open position. This fireplace also can plumbing in it for heating water, and a bread oven.

    We tried everything we can think of to unstick the valve. But still cannot get it loose. It was fine last spring but now frozen solid. I’m concerned the handle will break off.

    The valve is way up inside the fireplace and is not serviceable from the inside. The main heater in the house is not working and will not be fixed for a month or so. So we wanted to use the fireplace to heat our home. So please help!

    We love the fireplance. Also I could use some general service as well. Need to reseal things, put in mortar to seal leaks etc.

    Please respond.
    Scott in Duvall

  3. Timothy says:

    I will get in touch with the original owner of Envirotech. We will get back to you shortly. Thanks

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